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This section is where the true 'gems' are to be found. It is for textile lovers, collectors, crafters and designers alike. Regularly updated with remnant pieces, end of dye lot lengths and discontinued prints, as well as the occasional bespoke piece that has been surplus to requirements. There are no 'seconds' –we only include our most perfect pieces, but at generously discounted prices. So, take a peek –and if nothing catches your eye now, please come back again. Chances are, there will be something new on your next visit.

Paola Sea (lightweight cotton)

Makisan Jal (standard weight cotton)

Iridée Yellow (standard weight cotton)

Iridée Blue dye lot 1 (standard weight cotton)

Posht-Rose on Badam (chanderi silk voile)

Cypress on Badam (standard weight cotton)

Pavot Coordinate Stripe Variation 1 (standard weight cotton)

Pink Carnation Jal (hand embroidered linen/cotton)

Blood Laura

Silver Green Lewis (standard weight cotton) Dye Lot Variation 1