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Each shade within our 24 colour range has been specially mixed by bespoke paint company Francesca’s Paint. From the soft grey blues and greens of Mughal Spring, to Indian Summer’s warm autumnal shades of gold, deep red, and spicy orange, and now the clean fresh water aquas, sunlight yellow and cool whites of our new collection Monsoon Rains - we take the best of Francesca’s paint expertise and finely tuned colour sense, and combine with Aleta’s design ethos and exotic textiles to inspire and create these very special palettes.

Aleta chooses to work exclusively with Francesca to create these collections because the quality of her paint is second to none. The components used in Francesca’s organic ‘eco emulsion’ and traditional limewash paints provide a depth and integrity of colour unobtainable from the vinyl bases used by other mainstream paint companies, and they are the perfect complement to Aleta’s range of natural fabrics.

Each paint chart is bordered by one of Aleta’s own hand painted floral designs, ensuring the entire process of choosing your decorating scheme is beautiful and inspirational from start to finish.

Colour charts and sample pots can be ordered through Aleta, or to view Francesca’s full range of products and colours please follow the link to www.francescaspaint.com.



Mughal Spring

Indian Summer

Monsoon Rains